• travel North AmericaTravel is a well embraced tradition in North America. Although travel is a universal phenomenon, North American travel is unique in a number of ways, in how North Americans conduct travel around the world and in how North America operates to accommodate its travelers. North America contains many diverse cultures. The majority of the population is found in the United States, Canada and Mexico, which also make up a majority of North America’s land mass. The United States and Canada are very similar countries, but even though Mexico contains a different ethnicity and culture , it has many strong ties with its neighbors to the north. The economies, cultures and tourism between the United States, Canada and Mexico work together closely to build industry together. Travel to and from North America may be for pleasure, business or medical reasons. A large number of Canadians and Americans are situated in an income bracket that allows them to travel for recreation. A number of Mexican residents are as well, but they comprise a smaller percentage of the population. North American countries also have an incredible draw for traveling residents of overseas countries. Global business between North American countries and overseas countries is very prominent, inspiring many international comings and goings. Medical tourism, which is travel for the sake of medicine or a medical procedure, is another recently common trend in North American travel. For more information on trending travel topics in North America, visit the links below:

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