• Addiction is a brain disease, a chronic one that is depicted by the crazy craving of some activities or substances that are known as addictive stimuli.

    It would interest you to know that when an addictive activity is in motion, the activities are seen by the brain to be pleasure-filled and fascinating. So, people who are addicted will want to seek continual exposure to the stimuli.

    Usually, the most common addictive stimuli are not behavioral activities, rather they are chemical substances. The reason for this is, the chemical framework of the brain is made up of chemical substances.

    So, when these substances are taken, the brain responds, but not in the normal way. A modification takes place which serves as the building block for future cravings that cause further modifications.

    North America which happens to be the third largest continent in the world also has its take of addiction.

    Starting from the 16th century, tobacco became an act that people were used to, and even till today, people take tobacco and it has become a lifestyle for them. The same applies to other illicit drugs like heroin, cocaine and a host of others.

    In addition to this, substances like pain relievers, hallucinogens, prescription drugs and the likes are commonly abused. With the poverty level in North America, people have more access to these cheap substances that easily has an effect on their brain.

    A country like Jamaica for instance, is notable for the use of cannabis which is known as ganja, alongside with alcohol. The same applies to Colombia, a country where a good number of people are hooked on cocaine.

    In United States, the common addiction is marijuana. And while it is being legalized in some states, the reason for this is marijuana has been proved to have positive recreational effects.

    For Canada, prescription opioids are the common source of addiction to its citizens.

    In various countries, certain steps are being taken to ensure that the rate of addiction is on the decline.

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