• If you are thinking on going on a vacation, North America is one of the best places to consider. The fascinating part about this is, there are really interesting places that would make your stay and vacation worthwhile.

    One of the places of interest that would provide you with a pleasant time is Bulls Island, South Carolina. One of the highlights of this place are the sea animals like alligators and the likes.

    You cannot camp on this island, but there is a county park that is not too far from this Island, that has lots of campsites.

    Then, there is the Johns Brook Lodge located in Keene Valley, New York. This place can house nothing less than 28 people, and can be accessed by foot when coming from the Keene Valley.

    The streams are ice-cold, and the mountain makes an interesting climb, which gives you a lovely panoramic views of the Great range which is 12-miles long.

    Another place of interest is the Zion National Park, Utah. This place has features like a mini-golf course, hot tub, pool and a ranch resort. It is always a beautiful sight to visit the place and see what this area has to offer.

    Also, there is Punta Mita, Mexico. The beach here is one of the lovely features of interest. There are also places like a local surf shop, a pool, a café where you can get ice-cream and espresso, and a whole lot of others.

    San Diego, California is another place that you would definitely enjoy. The zoo is one place that you and your kids would love. Then, there is the state park, a zoo, roller coasters, a creamery and lots more. This is one place that does not leave you disappointed in anyway.

    To wrap it up, North America is one of the best places in the world to have your vacation. Your safety is guaranteed and you have the full luxury of having to select from a wide range of places of interest.  

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